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Future Tech Camp

Game Development

Game Development

The Future Tech program exposes students to the quickly-emerging technologies that are set to transform our technological, economic and social landscapes: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things. Understanding these three technologies – and the critical links between them – is crucial for anyone interested in building a future career in high tech. The Future Code program is designed to help young people hone their coding skills but then goes beyond coding to teach how their programming skills can best be developed and applied for careers in these rapidly growing fields.


  • Develop programming and skills through a critical application on projects and exercises related to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

  • Understand current challenges and best practices related to each of these technologies.

  • Explore the critical links between cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

  • Understand the ethical and societal implications of these technologies.

  • Investigate the practical application of these technologies through real-world examples and site visits.

Skills for the future

This camp's learning model emphasizes the development of problem-solving and collaboration skills through group work and team projects. It’s all about teamwork as students work together to troubleshoot problems and participate in a series of coding tasks and challenges.

build something real

Students enrolled in the Future Code program will work together to work on a coding project of their choice under the guidance of experienced instructors. Their final working product will be showcased to a panel of instructors and industry professionals.

camp tuition

Day Camp


Overnight Camp


what's included

(Overnight camp)

Learn from industry leaders and experienced guest speakers, all on the USC campus.

Taking part in the best activities and outings the city has to offer

Private transportation will be provided throughout the program, including airport pick up and drop off.

24/7 support —there is always someone waiting to help!

Three meals a day will be provided —a mix of on campus food and the best things to eat from around the city.

Premium medical and travel insurance for international students.

Getting a look into college life by living in student dorms on the University of Washington campus.

open to students In

High School

registration deadline

July 1, 2018

camp dates

July 22  - August 5, 2018

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