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Robotics and Engineering Camps

In our current technological age, society is always pursuing new machines to revolutionize the way we go about our lives. The Robotics and Engineering program seeks to empower students looking to be a part of the next generation of innovators and inventors. Students will learn what it takes to build functioning robots and machinery, and how design affects their application in the field. Students will also get to see how professionals use their technical skills in a real-life industry setting, helping students to better understand what a career in robotics and engineering really looks like.


  • Use math and logic to creatively solve problems.

  • Understand different motors and sensors and their applications.

  • Program for a specific outcome.

  • Understand how to employ machinery to accomplish tasks.

  • Learn how to iterate on design to solve robotic challenges.

  • Develop communication skills through team builds.

High School Program

Build your vision

rise to the challenge

These programs stress hands-on learning and real-world exposure through team projects conducted under the guidance of industry professionals. The camp's learning model builds confidence and teamwork skills as students learn to work together to create something unique they can call their own.

Students will be presented with a variety of challenges that must be solved by a robot of their own design. Through a guided team effort, students learn vital collaboration and problem-solving skills in addition to the fundamentals of robot construction and coding.

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Day Camp


Overnight Camp


Middle School Program

Students will learn the basics of robotics design while being introduced to the various sensors and tools available to engineers. Students will also learn coding skills to build a foundation of logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Students will form into teams and build a single robot to complete increasingly complex tasks. Students will need to use their creativity to both tackle these individual tasks and generate a design that can complete different types of challenges.

design your first robot

Introduction to robotics

camp tuition

Day Camp


Overnight Camp


Registration Deadline

July 1, 2018

Camp dates

July 22 -

August 8, 2018

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